As one of the pre-eminent and most prestigious mobile platforms on the market, iOS is the sector-leader in terms of app development and innovation. Very often, what’s new in the apps world comes to iOS and apple devices first.

This means that keeping an eye on iOS trends helps in turn to keep tabs on where app development in general is going. Apple users tend to be early adopters, and so the iOS market is a great one in which to see new functionality and design approaches tested in real-time.

At Apps Plus, we develop apps for all mobile operating systems – and consider cross-platform development to be good practice – but we nevertheless keep a close eye on iOS developments. This allows us to stay at the leading edge of app technology – and to help arm our clients with the latest market intelligence.

App users are a demanding crowd. Businesses need to keep on top of trends in order to offer their audiences what they want. And that’s why we’ve put together this list of the top five iOS app trends as we see them – to keep our eyes on the horizon.

  1. Swift 5

This is the biggie – a brand new programming language for iPhone app development changes the game and unlocks a lot of new potential approaches and functions. With a stable Application Binary Interface, Swift 5 libraries will be integrated into all new Apple devices – which requires no additional downloads for apps that use the language. This makes your Swift 5 app quicker and easier to use – a huge benefit in terms of encouraging adoption.

  1. Wearable Tech & the Internet of Things

The Apple Watch is the most obvious example of wearable tech, but it isn’t going to be the last. The watch opens-up all sorts of functionality – including remote control of phones and tablets – which in turn can power some seriously cool app functionality. In the era of the ‘Internet of Things’ – essentially a way to refer to all devices being connected in some way online – users will expect their devices to be smart all day. You can help that happen – and be rewarded by your customers for providing convenience.

  1. Cloud Integration

By utilising remote data storage for your app, you can ensure it won’t fill up the local drive on your users’ devices – meaning your apps is less likely to be deleted when space runs out. You therefore vastly expand the data your app can store and handle, releasing huge benefits for you and your customers alike. Cloud-based data can be easily shared across devices, too – meaning suddenly your app becomes much easier to integrate into the daily life of your consumers. The cloud keeps things simple.

  1. Improved Security

Cybersecurity is only going to become more important. As Apple Pay – another key trend – becomes more and more dominant for iOS users, or as they store more of their data in the cloud, the integrity of the processes that manage these transfers will seem ever more critical. If your app’s developers pay close attention to this element of design, and you market the security of your app to consumers, you’ll be rewarded for putting the safety of their data first.

  1. Intelligent Siri

The iOS personal assistant has never exactly been a slouch, but recent improvements mean that Siri is now seriously powerful. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are key trends for the future of app development, and Siri is a key vector for these developments – from customised conversations to user interaction and enhanced app features, developers need to understand and explore Siri’s smart new capabilities … and feed them into every app.

Apple’s mobile offering changes all the time, adding exciting new features regularly – but these are top 5 iOS application development trends for 2020 … keep them in mind!

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