Menus, photography, font faces; colours, animations, navigation. Web design has many aspects and numerous elements. Increasingly, however, video is one of the most important.

Gone are the days when video in web design was a bad idea: connection speeds and software capability is now such that including video as part of your site won’t result in slow load times or laggy interactions.

That means that the benefits of video now outweigh the negatives of deploying it. But what are those benefits? Here are the top five.

  1. Video is engaging and informative – it entertains and persuades in equal measure. That makes it a very powerful means of getting your message across – it’s a communication super-hero.
  2. Video content boosts your business. Video can skyrocket your business because it gives people the chance to get to know it better. After viewing video, the bond between your customers and you becomes stronger than ever.
  3. Video helps to generate more sales. A recent study has shown that having a video of a product or service that you are offering your customers will increase your sales by eighty percent.
  4. Video content will rank your website highly. If you have a video on your website that provides information about a product, then the chances are that your website will rank higher in search engine results than your competitors.
  5. Video is eminently reusable. Once you’ve produced a piece of video content, it can be deployed in a range of settings: in newsletters and blogs, on social media and via email. It has value beyond the web page.

Good web design is about creating great experiences: the more your users enjoy your site, the more time they will spend on it … and the more likely they, therefore, are to become customers.

What video does is offer you a great hook with which to capture users and engage them quickly, easily and effectively with your messaging: all selling is storytelling, and video is a great way to tell stories.

Video is impactful and exciting. It communicates clearly and, at its best, concisely. And, most of all, users love to watch it.

And that’s why you should use video content in web design.

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