Does your business have a professionally designed website? Well then, congratulations! You are one step ahead of a lot of your competitors and one step closer to success. The online market is now your oyster!

With the majority of consumers using the internet to find products and services first, businesses with a website have a higher chance of being discoverable and accessed by prospects.

Unfortunately, there are millions of businesses that are in the same boat as you. This makes it extremely competitive – more so for some industries than others. But what if we told you that there are a number of actions you could take to further improve your user experience, traffic and increase your website conversions? Well, there are. And we are here to share some of these steps with you today.

  • Ensure that your website is discoverable

What use is a website if it doesn’t capture any audience? If you want to ensure that your website acts as a tool for attracting prospect leads or conversions then you need to make your website discoverable. That is both for the user and for search engines, such as Google.

You need to ensure that your website is technically sound so that search engines can discover you. There is an endless number of factors that can affect this so if discoverability seems to be an issue for your website it might be wise to seek SEO services from a professional.

  • Post-type page template

One good way of improving your chances of being discovered is by posting regular content related to your niche. This is recommended as Google favours websites that have quality and regularly updated content. To do this you will first need a dedicated post-type template so make sure this is included in your original web design, or seek further developer services.

  • Increase user engagement

In this day and age information is more accessible than ever before. Type in a search query and you will receive millions of results – if not billions. This readily available and ever-changing information has also decreased human attention span and patience. This means that unless your content is extremely engaging, not many users will bother to pay attention to it.

Good news is that there are tactics which can help retain the interest of users. One of these is the use of images and videos to capture their interest. In fact, video content is the new future and can increase conversion rate by up to 80%. Ensure that you make use of these features on your website as they can make the difference between converting a lead, or not.

  • Capture users with clear conversion points

Including actionable conversion points throughout your website – such as newsletter sign-up forms or simply calls to action on landing pages –  can greatly increase your site’s effectiveness at capturing leads. Carefully considering the user experience tied to these can also make a huge difference. For example, the positioning of these – ie. above or below the fold – is important to consider based on what the information is. As is ensuring that they are not disruptive to the user – e.g. unoptimized pop-ups which appear before the user can even learn about a product.

  • Consider e-commerce elements

If your business model is based on the sale of “off-the-shelf” products or services – and does not require a consultation – then you may benefit from e-commerce solutions on your website. On WordPress sites, this can be easily achieved by asking your developer to instal a plugin such as Woocomerce or Shopify as these offer simple integrations. This will allow users to purchase your product directly from the website speeding up the process, minimising the customer journey and making it more attractive to consumers.

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