Web development can be a lonely job – all that coding and screen-watching can take its toll, even in an office as open-plan and friendly as ours. How do web developers stay social?

More seriously, there’s a professional aspect to social networks for web developers: communities of fellow code surfers help keep us sharp. They’re great places to share ideas and experiences, and to figure out how to crack the latest problem – and to devise a brand new project.

This sort of community is specialised, of course, which means that Twitter and Facebook aren’t the social media websites that web developers first go to. Instead, we tend to default to the following four as our go-to networks.

  1. Behance is a social network that enables developers to create an online portfolio showcase – and discover the latest work from top online portfolios from other creative professionals across industries. This allows us to stay on top of a range of work across the industry – and a range of solutions, too.
  1. Dribbble, meanwhile, is a community of designers that focuses on answering the big questions that developers come across every day. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creatives share small screenshots that show their work, process, and current projects – and everyone chips in where they can be helpful. Think of it as crowdsourcing expertise.
  1. Twibfy is an inspirational platform where designers can “discover, share, submit and organize the content they love”. In practice, what this means is that we can build libraries of great ideas and fresh designs, enabling us to call on a vast range of possibilities and solutions for every project. In other words, we can store up inspiration for later.
  1. Tavern, finally, is a repository of Product Design questions and answers. Every day a new question is posted, so people can share their experience and offer solutions to fellow developers. This sort of community can be invaluable – it means that no developer has to reinvent every wheel, and it speeds up project progress as a result.

Web developers aim to be efficient and creative in everything they do – and social networks are one way that they can both pick the brains of others and gather ideas … and fuel their imaginations.

The best developers are the most switched on and plugged in – and that’s why these are the top social media websites for designers!

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