Great UX design is about building a user experience that is rewarding, intuitive and rich. There are tangible and crucial benefits to good UX design which will make your app a success – not least that it will inspire user loyalty, increase take-up and foster good relationships between your company and your clients.

UX design is a discipline that encompasses every element of app construction. From the look and feel of the user interface to customer support, the user experience includes everything that a user might conceivably access, undergo or enjoy whilst using your app. Imagine every interaction a user might perform with your app as a moment of customer satisfaction – how do you maximise that feeling?

In 1973, the second president of IBM famously noted that, “Good design is good business.” By this, he simply meant that, in thinking through every aspect of a given piece of technology, we enhance its capacity to improve our customers’ lives – and therefore be more successful for the business that owns it.

Increases Customer Engagement

Great UX design increases customer engagement. When an app proves easy – even pleasurable – to use, customers will return to it. Apps are at their best when they seamlessly become part of our everyday: checking train times, for example, or scanning a barcode to compare prices. The simpler an app is to use, the more customers will warm to it – and the more they use your app, the better your data and the higher your sales.

Drives Sales

Great UX design is proven to drive sales. According to a User Experience survey report, three-quarters of businesses find that better UX leads to higher sales. To re-coin a phrase, that many businesses can’t be wrong. Poor user experience represents potentially many barriers to purchase. The harder your app is to use, the less likely customers are to make it all the way to check-out.

Cost-Effective in the Long Term

Great UX design is cheaper in the long run. It’s easy to understand why: if you do your homework before you build an app, then that app will be better. Undertake user surveys; hold beta testing groups; and make use of pattern libraries. Avoiding reinventing the wheel in these ways has been shown to win a 50 percent increase in product development efficiency. The better your UX from day one, the fewer tweaks and redesigns you’ll need to do based on negative customer feedback once you’re live.

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Experts like us can help avoid common traps and devise neat solutions to the specific demands of your own sector. Simply put, great UX design is about providing the best possible service to your clients. Given that’s what you’re trying to achieve day in, day out elsewhere in your business, why treat your app design any differently?

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