It’s exciting times here at ImagePlus and AppsPlus because we’re taking the plunge and merging into a single brand.

This is a big moment for us, and we’re extremely proud to have reached this stage. Not only will the brand merge be a moment of opportunity for both sides of the business, we’re taking the chance to have a design refresh, too: logo evolution, new website, the works. 

ImagePlus began life as a design consultancy and was founded by Alan Hartin, when HTML was seen as the latest trend. We’ve always been a company that keeps its eye on the new thing, while remaining brilliant at all the stuff that came before.

When mobile apps first emerged, it made sense to launch a dedicated business for them. AppsPlus was a place where customers could experience technology that was new, exciting, and access the latest thinking about this brand new trend. But technologies mature and with them so should brands.

Just as websites were once an addition to print advertising, apps have now become a central plank of any business’s digital strategy. As part of this process, products have merged and technologies co-evolved: from web apps to mobile apps, there is now huge crossover between the various elements of design offered at ImagePlus, and that’s why bringing together two brands makes so much sense.

AppsPlus has seen huge growth over recent years, taking an emergent product type and creating a thriving and vibrant digital consultancy around mobile app technology. Meanwhile, ImagePlus has continued to provide its many long standing and new clients, with digital services.

From page interface and experience design, to web projects, SEO and copywriting, our full-service design agency has gone from strength to strength. Many websites today are now incomplete without the bespoke functionality provided by web apps and many businesses need a mobile app to deploy as part of their broader digital marketing strategy.  

Apps are therefore no longer considered separate to the wider world of digital design. In a technological landscape where integration is everything, we’re doing our bit to place everything side-by-side. AppsPlus will move over to ImagePlus in the new year and in the meantime we are very excited to be launching our new website with our fresh updated branding.

If you are interested in developing a new mobile app, web app or website for your business, please get in touch. We have digital marketing agencies in Coventry and Manchester and work with clients nationwide.

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