Mobile apps aren’t just fun little widgets: they are powerful tools. Their widespread adoption has taken place because, at their best, mobile apps are useful, intuitive – and effective.

Discrete pieces of software designed to undertake a particular task or set of tasks quickly and easily, mobile apps of all kinds excel at specialisation. This gives them a particular value to businesses: because they offer instant results to staff.

By integrating mobile apps into the workflows of teams, businesses can unlock a range of benefits.

Analysing any business process, and understanding where the challenges to increased productivity and efficiency lie within them has always been key to success; apps provide a fantastic way to fill those gaps with user-friendly, portable technology.

Improves Communication

For example, apps help improve communication. Because apps can be carried around with staff at all times, they are uniquely well-placed to record and send information in real-time – to power and document decision-making swiftly and smoothly.

Mobile apps can enable the efficient and fast passing of information among employees, company divisions, branches, and partner businesses. Time-sensitive information like security briefs, scheduling changes, and news updates need to be consistently relayed to ensure the smooth flow of activities – and apps enable just that exchange.

New Marketing Opportunities

Likewise, apps unlock fantastic marketing opportunities. Because they are portable but also capable of being updated from a distance, apps can always contain and provide access to the latest data within a business.

When it comes to marketing, this means that all the information that a company needs to pass to its customers – such as promotions and exclusive sales – is available at all times. Customers can download your brochure direct; salespeople in the field need never be without material.

In this way, there is a higher chance that customers will buy your product if they’re able to access information about it and interact with it on a mobile application platform – because they will always be engaging with the latest data.

Cost-Effective Training

The capacity of mobile apps to deliver information also enables them to facilitate cost-effective training. If employee development is one of your business values, an enterprise training app can be a much more efficient tool for training than traditional styles. You can use an app that delivers pre-recorded instruction videos and study materials straight to your employees’ smartphones, which they can access in their free time.

In other words, apps are a channel for data: business data, marketing information, educational material. And that instant, convenient exchange of information can transform the productivity of your business on a number of levels.

Accessibility, updatability, portability: that’s how using mobile apps can maximise business productivity.

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