If you’re into sports, you should probably be into apps. Why? Because they are simply the best way of keeping in touch with your team, anywhere and everywhere.

It follows, then, that if you’re a sports organisation you should be considering developing an app: all those fans and potential fans want to engage with you, and an app is a great way of ensuring that they can do so whenever if convenient for them.

Whether you’re a sports team or a race track, a leisure centre or a stadium, a sports app is a great way of pushing information to users – and allowing them to connect with you in turn, whether by buying tickets or booking time on the court. Sports is ultimately about people – and apps connect them.

If you’re considering building a sports app, the first question to ask, then, is what precise interactions you want to enable and encourage. Your fans, members or users will have a set of needs that an app can help meet more conveniently; identifying those and focusing the software functionality on them is key.

So, too, is what the app looks like. The layout is critical to any app, and a sports app has specific requirements: it should centre the core content, and make navigation from result or session to the next as easy as possible. Images, videos, and text should be as relevant as possible – prioritise action and highlights of play. We are talking about sports, after all! Inspire activity.

What features should be included in this context?

  1. Booking Tickets: Buying tickets for a team’s games through an app is a no-brainer. Make attendance easier!
  2. Ecommerce: If fans want their team’s latest replica shirt, why shouldn’t they be able to buy it at home?
  3. Up-to-date news and streaming: On the go? Fans can stay in touch with their team’s match via an app.
  4. Chat to fans and teammates: Just started a new team? Why not add a chat element to your app, through which you can interact with the community.
  5. Photos: Who doesn’t like the latest imagery? View and even purchase the newest shots from the touchline in the palm of your hand.
  6. Pedometer: Contribute to the fitness of your users: with a pedometer, fitness gurus can keep track of their steps throughout the day.

In other words, a sporting app should be a channel through which a team or a venue communicates with its users. Sport builds communities – and an app can become a powerful forum for one. By creating that digital space, sports organisations will reap the rewards of greater engagement.

In other words: sports apps score well.

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