Deep links are your friends. The benefits of mobile app deep linking are numerous and should be integrated into any development plan. Building an app with a very flat structure might seem sensible, but in fact, deep linking can add serious functionality for your users.

A deep link, in case you’re wondering, is any link in an app which leads past its home screen and towards a specific product, service or another content item.

For example, in your eCommerce app a deep link may take a user directly past a homepage and to a particular pair of shoes you’re selling; or, in an app providing information, a deep link might lead a user to a specific piece of content or data.

Each time you send a message to a friend which includes a link to a specific Facebook profile, or Spotify playlist, you are utilising deep links. Suddenly their utility becomes a lot clearer, right? Without deep links, users would have to navigate the entire app each time they used it, simply to reach the content they needed.

Don’t, then, neglect the importance of structuring your content in such a way that every item sits within a clear hierarchy that can be sufficiently labelled and ordered to facilitate proper deep linking. As a quick Cliff Notes approach to the process, here are four great reasons why.

Enhance user experience. As we’ve already covered, deep linking enables much quicker access to key content. With the help of deep links, users can access deep-level pages without needing to navigate to the page. Not only does this offer additional functionality – it actually enhances the core experience of using your app.

Engage users. This added functionality gives you a means of developing a – no pun intended – deeper relationship between your users and your app. By using links to direct users to deeper level pages of your app rather than keeping them on the generic home screen, you will engage them to a much greater extent with your app and its offerings.

Improve the Onboarding of Users. Bringing new users to your app is easier when you utilise deep links, too. This is because they can help personalise the onboarding experience of users, through personalised app invites or other incentives. Deep links offer you innumerable different entry points to your app.

Maximise your marketing. When it comes to marketing campaigns, deep links can help increase conversion by providing direct routes to specific items of content, whether selected products or specific campaign materials. Offering users immediate access to key content in this way will greatly increase the success and reach of your marketing.

In other words, deep linking is a means of maximising the utility of your app by creating clearer and quicker routes to every item of content you publish. This gives you the means of leveraging your content – and your users the means of finding it.

Leaving your users orbiting a single home screen can be very limiting. Ensuring your app is as fully functional as possible is the root of all the main benefits of mobile app deep linking.

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