There are as many ways to build a website as there are to skin the proverbial cat. You can develop your own, or use a service such as Wix; you can hire a freelancer or ask a friend; you can employ your own in-house developer … and you can engage a web design and development agency.

Of course, each of these options has its own pros and cons associated with it. Some have flexibility as an advantage, others full control; but disadvantages, too, are legion: sustainability and quality are key questions when commissioning a website, and how your choice of supplier affects those should be closely considered.

It perhaps isn’t surprising that, as an agency ourselves, we tend to think that engaging a web design and development agency offers the “golden mean” of all these pros and cons. An agency balances out the risk of engaging a jobbing freelancer with the commitment of hiring your own in-house team; it ensures that your website will be far better than the off-the-shelf ones offered by Wix, and give you greater control than you might have offered a friend doing you a favour.

Most importantly, however, an agency gets you a breadth of experience and expertise. By engaging an agency, you immediately benefit from the experience of more than one developer – and, in working for an agency in the first place, those developers are going to have a lot of experience, since they are constantly working on new sites.

Likewise, an agency’s size and set-up mean they will have clear processes in place to stick to deadlines and quickly fix any problems that may occur. This gives you peace of mind, and an obvious means of avoiding ‘project creep’. A common problem when your site is built not within the clear confines of an experienced agency.

Equally, the depth of expertise in an agency gives you sustainability moving forwards: agencies can manage your website for you on an on-going basis, long after it is complete; freelancers often struggle to offer the same.

On the other hand, they offer more flexibility than investing in your own internal infrastructure might. Agencies are a cost-effective option and yet deliver extremely high-quality work.

Like we said: agencies provide a fantastic balance of all the options. In this way and many others, they are a one-stop shop for all of your web design and development needs.

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