The cost of mobile app design is often perceived by clients to be one of the greatest barriers to adoption of the new technology. Of course, businesses must always undertake rigorous calculations of return on investments and so forth, but the truth is that the cost of mobile app development can often be over-estimated.

This is because the value of designing your own mobile app is over under-estimated – it can open up whole new segments of the market and enhance your penetration in those in which you already operate. Design a good app that encourages users to download and access it regularly and you will ensure extremely good returns.

Equally, however, the cost of mobile app design can be controlled through careful project management. The dreaded “budget bloat” can easily be avoided if you know what you are doing – and that, of course, is where experts like us can help achieve the best value possible.

Approaching a mobile app design project with care is the best way to control its cost. Think clearly about your app and what you need it to achieve before embarking on any design at all; don’t simply chase the app bandwagon wherever it leads you.

For example, decide on your platform first. Many apps suffer from project creep because they don’t define their ground early on. Is your app intended for iOS or Android devices? Is it a hybrid or a native app? If you can establish your terms early on, you will be able to control your spend.

Likewise, know your audience. One way you’ll decide on your platform is by understanding your intending users; but market intelligence has numerous other applications, too. Undertake a good deal of research and analysis amongst your potential market – what do your ideal customer’s needs and want, and how can your app serve those requirements?

Understanding your app clearly prevents you from going down costly dead-ends during the design process. Envisaging the complexity of your app – is it simple or complex, highly featured or no-frills? – will enable you to set waypoints and markers for the design process, and in this process of monitoring keep costs low. This sort of project mapping – informed by your market research – is essential to ensure the best possible value for your project.

Even when the design is done, continue to be careful: include a prototyping or beta testing stage in your design process, so you can test your app and iron out any niggles before they become more difficult – and therefore more costly – to fix.

In short, plan – and then plan some more. Mobile apps offer the prospect of real benefit to your business, so keep your eyes on the prize – and, while you’re at it, you’ll reduce and control the cost of mobile app design.

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