mCommerce isn’t a new menu item to be found under the famous Golden Arches (other fast food outlets are available). It stands for mobile commerce, and it’s the future.

If it isn’t to be found in a Happy Meal, though, what precisely is “mobile commerce”? This one’s relatively easy: it’s commerce, but mobile. To be less facetious, it’s any ecommerce activity that is undertaken via a mobile device – a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch.

Ecommerce, of course, has been with us for a while now – and it has reshaped, and continues to reshape, all kinds of transactions between buyer and seller, from small to large. But for much of its existence, ecommerce was anchored to the humble desktop computer – or perhaps, at most, the laptop.

With the majority of people now accessing the internet via their mobile device, all that is changing – and ecommerce is constantly present, just sitting in our pocket. That makes mCommerce an incredibly powerful tool for businesses – there is now almost no barrier between your service and a paying customer.

Consumer spending on digital platforms has made a shift towards mobile devices. It is predicted that mCommerce will be worth £29 billion in 2018, and is set to increase during the current year. This is from a floor of £1.34bn just eight years ago: mCommerce is exploding.

This means that there is an even greater market potential for mobile apps to generate revenue. People are more and more comfortable in making commercial transactions online – apps are the best means of ensuring they can engage in this way with your business, too.

That’s because apps simply offer a better customer experience. With just a few taps on mobile devices, customers can already do shopping, banking, and more – why not add your business to the list of organisations with which they can interact, cutting out the need to visit a website or a shop to do so?

Critically, an app can make for faster purchases. Payments can be managed all on the mobile device, which means less hassle for the customers – and therefore fewer barriers to purchase.

Simply put, an mCommerce app increases accessibility to your offering. Customers can use mobile devices to browse your online store 24/7, and use your mobile app to make purchases. Everyone’s a winner!

What is mobile commerce? Easy: it’s the future.

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