The future of mobile app development is bright, but what exactly will it look like? Any emergent technology can feel like the future already, but in the digital landscape, nothing is standing still for long right now. Any developer worth their salt won’t sit on their laurels – they’ll always be looking for the next thing.

So, what is the future of mobile app development? It won’t surprise you to learn that we think it’s very positive: apps, and mobile devices, aren’t going away anytime soon – in fact they are only going to become more important and more integrated with our daily lives.

Cross-Platform Apps

Most importantly, then, the future of mobile app development is cross-platform. This means that every app will need to be compatible across a range of operating systems and a range of devices. As we all expand our digital interactions – from desktop to laptop to smartphone to tablet – and often use more than one device simultaneously, apps will need to be universal just to keep up.

Internet of Things

Indeed, the Internet of Things will become very much … well, a thing. This is a term invented to describe the network of physical devices connected to the internet which little our homes and workplaces: from smart fridges to your new EchoDot, the devices exchanging data which make up the Internet of Things all run apps of one kind or another.

Part of the cross-platform trend will be integration with the IoT: each device is separate, but through WiFi and so on is also connected. Apps need to respond to that and operate on all the differing embedded computing systems which power IoT devices. From voice-activated lights to self-driving cars, the future of mobile app development lies in the Internet of Things.

Enterprise Apps

That said, domestic use is not the only end to which mobile apps can be put. Enterprise Apps will be ever more prevalent, enabling businesses to streamline their processes and serve their customers better. As more businesses become willing to invest in technology, apps will grow in number – and grow ever more innovative with each iteration. The future of mobile app development is entwined, then, with the future of enterprise – each will power the other in important ways.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Crucially, all of this activity will be cloud-based. Rather than storing app data on a single device, the future of mobile app development is in cloud-based data. Users will log into the cloud on whatever device they happen to be using in a given moment – and expect to access their apps seamlessly. As apps merge with the cloud, users will only demand that more do so – the ease of access it allows will come to define what mobile app development can and should do.

So there you have it: flexible, omnipresent, enterprise-focused and cloud-based. That’s the future of mobile app development.

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