DIY was a big thing in home improvement for a long time. It’s less so now than formerly – several DIY-focused chains of stores have experienced difficulties in recent years – and maybe that’s because cash-strapped homeowners have tighter budgets for home improvements.

But it might also be because DIY never quite gets the job done as well as a professional might.

This is double – triply! – true in the realm of mobile app technology. The skills are so much more specialist, of course, and much of the equipment necessary to do a good job likewise rather ‘niche’. Mobile apps are more complicated than putting up a shelf – so eschewing the experts in favour of a DIY approach isn’t advisable.

We still come across many people who try to go it alone, however. They might form an internal team to develop an app, or simply try to up-skill themselves. They might use an out-of-the-box app and “reskin” it for their purposes. There are various options which appear to deliver short-cuts to app development. But in reality, there’s no replacement for a mobile app development agency.

You’d expect us to say that, of course. But let us explain why you should choose a mobile app development agency.

  1. You get an experienced team on day one. Going with an app development agency means that you can benefit from a whole team of proven and experienced developers. You can get tailored advice for your project from people who understand the tech.
  1. You get a one-stop shop for your app development needs. Agencies often specialise not just in one area of mobile app development – but have a whole team of developers with various backgrounds and experience in other areas. This opens up smart solutions.
  1. It allows you to focus on your business. Agencies that do their job right allow you to focus on your own business while they get on with the development. Of course, your app is important – but it doesn’t need to get in the way of your core activity.
  1. You can bring your app to the market faster. Typically, an experienced team of app developers will be able to get the job done quicker. They don’t need to train up or establish logistics or HR procedures. After signing an agreement, work will begin immediately on your app.
  1. The app will be cheaper to maintain. Once the first version of an app is completed, the costs associated with it can be greatly reduced as required. If you went DIY, it could eventually be more expensive to maintain a team of in-house developers than maintaining the app itself!

So learn from every wonky shelf or poorly hung kitchen door you’ve ever seen – or put up yourself! Even if we do say so ourselves, complex work is best done by experts. And that means, when it comes to mobile apps, you should choose a mobile app development agency.

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