Let’s get serious. A lot of the posts on this blog are intended for businesses and other organisations that are considering developing an app: why, what are the benefits, how?

That last question, though, leads us into the thickets – and this post is for developers and others who are considering that “how” a little more deeply.

In app development, a cross-platform approach is the gold standard. Developing apps in this way ensures that they will be functional and stable across a range of devices and operating systems – enhancing user experience and, crucially, achieving maximum market coverage.

In order to undertake professional development of any kind, however, we require a development framework. Simply put, this is a piece of software specifically designed to support the creation of mobile applications.

Your framework software is an environment in which all work on an app can be undertaken, checked and tested. It will include code compiling functionality, version checking, file management, API support and so on. It’s the developer’s work surface.

A developer’s choice of framework can be critical: the capacities of your software will inevitably affect the apps you are able to design. One choice we often urge people to consider is React Native – because we tend to consider it one of the most flexible, and therefore versatile, cross-platform development frameworks available.

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, and UWP by enabling developers to use the React Javascript Configuration, along with native platform capabilities. Why is it so good?

Number one, it’s cost-effective. Cross-platform apps can be built and maintained in a very efficient way using React Native. When an app is created within the framework, almost half of the code can be used on different platforms – that’s a real fillip for your development budget.

And number two? It has greater reach. For plenty of businesses, mobile apps are a promotion tool and a sales channel. Using React Native, you can create a cross-platform app that is very helpful for businesses and customers – and can be used by as many of them as possible.

If you’re considering app development, a cross-platform approach is your best bet. And, if you ask us, React Native is one of the smartest choices for cross-platform app development.

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