Around thirty-five per cent of all websites online are based on the WordPress platform. This dominant position for the content management system (CMS) is the result of the ease with which WordPress sites can be installed, set-up and maintained.

WordPress is attractive to businesses of all kinds because it is a flexible and expandable framework. Via “plug-ins” – small bits of software which users can add to their WordPress site to enhance its functionality in almost any imaginable way – WordPress sites are endlessly elastic.

The “open source” nature of WordPress means that developers can easily build new plug-ins and offer them directly to WordPress users. This results in a multiplicity of options that offer huge choice and versatility – and this is a key part of the success of the WordPress platform.

Of course, choice requires decisions, and the wide range of options in the realm of e-commerce for WordPress means that the appropriate option isn’t always obvious.

Allow us to make this easy for you: if you want to sell things online via a WordPress website, just choose WooCommerce. It’s as simple as that.

Why is this choice so easy, you ask? There are five key reasons:

  1. WooCommerce is customizable. This is no one-size-fits-all plug-in. With features and functionality aplenty, WooCommerce can be entirely tailored to fit your business, products and services perfectly.
  2. It’s free. That isn’t always a sign of quality, of course, but in WooCommerce’s case, the best things in e-commerce really are free. With absolutely no financial barrier to adoption, and yet full to the brim with features, WooCommerce is the best in class.
  3. It works well with other plug-ins. Many WordPress developers will tell you horror stories about plug-in conflicts: everything is working fine until that one installation brings an entire website crashing down! WooCommerce likes playing with others. You won’t experience crashes, and your site will be more stable for it.
  4. It is built on the same principles on which WordPress itself was built. In other words, it is open source and fully expandable. That means that, just like with WordPress, users are endlessly improving and enhancing WooCommerce. That benefits you directly – and, if you have a developer on-board, means you can get in on the bespoke coding action, too.
  5. It boasts built-in secure payment processing. eCommerce lives and dies on the comfort of your customers. If they feel sufficiently protected, they will buy – and WooCommerce offers all the security features today’s savvy online shoppers expect. They won’t feel a moment’s hesitation buying from you – and that’s half the battle won.

So, there you have it: if you’re thinking about selling via WordPress, there’s only one choice to make. There are five reasons why WooCommerce is the best choice for your eCommerce website – and each of them is decisive!

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