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At ImagePlus, we’re particularly proud of our links in Northern Ireland. Our founder, Alan Hartin, grew up and retains a home in County Antrim, and a big part of our work has always been supporting Northern Ireland businesses to flourish online. We offer full-service digital services to companies worldwide – but a special part of our work has always been based in the six counties.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland, then, you’ve found a perfect partner. Based here in the UK, we’re regular visitors to every part of the region, and can provide a full range of expert, in-house digital services. From web design to app development and digital marketing, we can help enhance your online presence and profile.

A clearer digital footprint generates more leads and retains more custom online. Working with a full-spectrum digital agency like Image+ ensures that every aspect of your online profile is optimised to ensure peak performance. 

From improving your scores with search engines to optimising your content so that visitors to your website are more reliably converted into customers, our expert team can retool your digital operations and ensure they’re deriving maximum benefit for your business.

We’re lucky to have worked with some of Northern Ireland’s biggest firms in the past – and we’re always looking to help more companies in the six counties to make a bigger splash online. Drop us a line today to learn more about how we can help. 

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Digital services

A team of experts

Our Coventry and Manchester based team of app and web developers, brand consultants and digital marketers are absolute pros when it comes to their area of expertise. With their wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge, they can transform your digital presence and help you grow your business.

If you want to stand out - for all the right reasons, your online identity needs to be clear, consistent, relevant and visible! From your web design, through to your logo, SEO, app functionality, email marketing and beyond.

Our top-class team will bring it all together and create the right blend for your business to fire on all digital cylinders.

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