At ImagePlus we know choosing your CMS platform can be overwhelming and if you don’t know what a CMS is, it stands for ‘Content Management System’. It’s what we call the back end, where our clients have the freedom to edit their pages or posts whenever they need without the help of developers. 

Websites need to be updated regularly according to Google recommendations, not only for your users but also Google rankings. However what CMS your website needs depends on the level of flexibility also needed. Your CMS and your website platform come hand in hand. 

What website platforms and CMSs are there?

Any CMS allows you to change and edit pages when needed but there are some platforms that are designed specifically for e-commerce, booking systems or B2B businesses.

PPR Group


Every WordPress site comes with a simple CMS that includes areas such as Posts, Pages, and Media Library, all which can be accessed and edited by the user. For a small minimalistic website this basic CMS does its job. However at ImagePlus our developers can add additional areas that allow for more flexible content creation for your website, such as page types in separate sections for organisation, and what we call ‘flexible content’ on all pages that allows clients to create pages from scratch from a series of content modules. 

The WordPress CMS is perfect for businesses that are aren’t looking for online ordering, and instead using their website to showcase their knowledge and expertise then convert users with contact forms. Check out one of our latest projects working with Pertemps Professional Recruitment who chose WordPress. 

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This CMS is perfect for e-commerce businesses or even an event ticketing system. The Shopify CMS allows business owners to track their orders, take payments, and create new product listings when needed with inventory counting. At ImagePlus the Shopify CMS can also be customised by our developers to allow for time slot specific tickets, so business don’t need to worry about overcrowding and allot the correct amount of tickets for each slot. 

One of our local Coventry client’s Herberts Art Gallery and Museum, chose the Shopify Platform to manage their newest attraction Dippy the Dinosaur. 

Club Global


For business that require a CMS to do specific things we recommend having a custom CMS that is built to your specifications, created entirely by our expert developers at ImagePlus. However in some cases, having a bespoke CMS requires on going developmental work for new areas and isn’t as easy to make changes as some of your other CMS choices. 

What are the best qualities of a CMS? 

  1. There is no need for code. CMS are built with user experience in mind, making sure that everyone can update content when needed. 
  2. Time Efficient. As content managements are easy to use, it saves time and allows you to concentrate on other areas of your business whether you choose to manage your website yourselves or one of our team at ImagePlus to keep your site up to date.
  3. Drafting. CMS platforms allow you to create draft pages of your website ready for new launches, which means you can see what your page will look like prior to publication and make any changes beforehand. 
  4. The Design won’t change. As CMS doesn’t allow you to change any of the code of your website you won’t have to worry about messing up the design, meaning your brand and business will be consistent for your users.

Are Content Management Systems Secure? 

Even though content management systems allow for easy updates to your website they are safe. There are security protocols that are put in place such as user access levels, and 2 Factor Authentication. Previous versions of pages are also stored in CMS incase of accidental deletion. This is because a CMS focuses on content, not web design. A CMS only allows you to change the details and content of your website, and won’t affect your web design.

CMS’s also allow for easy updates whether you choose managed updates by our developers or automated updates, meaning your website stays safe and secure. 

Drop us a line today to discuss how website platforms and CMS go hand in hand and which content management system will benefit your business with our Coventry based team.

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